Card of the day, 3/11/2015


Today's card is 'Two Little Witches' from the 'Oracle of Shadows and Light'. This card says don't be dismayed at the mundane. The mundane things are there to help us recognize the extraordinary things. Are you thinking about moving? Start taking steps toward the goal you have. Find out those things that have held you down and get rid of them! Make a special space for you! 

The 'Beautiful Creatures Tarot' card for today is the '10 of Waters'. This card talks about a permanent, everlasting, happy ending. You are emotionally content. Stay present in the moment and savor it. Count your blessings, and continue to be thankful. Because gratefulness opens your heart to more blessings. 



Together, these cards are telling you that once you start making steps towards making yourself happy, and take steps closer to your goals, you will experience that happy ending emotional healing. 

Angel Blessings,