Card of day, 3/13/2015


Today's card of the day is '9 of Raphael'! This truly is a wonderful card. It talks about dreams becoming a reality and joyful times. Wishes are coming true! This card also talks about being content with where you are in life. Gratefulness opens your life and heart to receive more. Happiness is a feeling that comes from within, as is contentment. Looking for these and outside sources will not bring you what you need, look on the inside. 

The 'Beautiful Creatures Tarot' card of the day is 'The Mediator'. This card tells you to start moderating your life. Learn to be content. Change what you can, accept what you can't. Be content with the things in your life and grow from that place. 


Together, these two cards complement each other perfectly! The theme of today is contentment. Contentment opens the door for God and the angels to work through and help you! 

Angel Blessings,