Card of the day. 3/15/2015


The 'Archer of Fires' from the Beautiful Creatures Tarot, is one of our two cards today! This card is the 'Knight of Wands' in traditional Tarot. As you probably know, Court Cards can be either people, situations, or both. In a person, these particular attributes will be someone who is easily enthused by both the big, and small, things in life. They may also be prone to procrastination. This could also mean that there is a situation that you need to be genuinely enthused about. Avoid being a know it all, but share your wisdom with people who could benefit from it. 


Our last card is the "Faery Wishing Well". This card talks about our abilities in the Manifestation arena. When we expect things, whether they are positive or negative, we give power to those outcomes. This card also talks about the ability to make money. We all have the ability, no matter what. Now, if we live in a constant state of defeat and victim mentalities, we are naturally, by the Law of Attraction, going to bring those types of situations into our lives. The same goes for confident, victorious attitudes. 

These 2 cards together tell us that, in order to be successful, that we must be enthusiastic about about everything, big and small, in our lives, from finding the right parking space, to getting a raise. Be excited and thankful and you will bring abundance and happiness into your life!!

Angel Blessings,