Card of the day, 3/18/2015


Hello lovely people!! 

This next week, I am going to be posting only one card for the day as I am currently sleeping with the Beautiful Creatures Tarot under my pillow for a week :). I wanted to use a powerful deck today, the Archangel Power Tarot! Ariel is the Angel who is closest to earth. She helps us with manifestation and finances (as does Metatron), she helps Animals and environmental causes as well! In this particular deck, The Suit of Ariel is what we would call the Suit of Pentacles or Coins in traditional Tarot. The Six of Ariel talks about balance. Balance between the physical and spiritual and between giving and receiving. Ariel wanted me to tell you this "The Physical is almost always affected by the spiritual, but the spiritual is not affected by the physical."

Our physical situations don't change Spiritual truth, just our perception of it. However what happens in the spiritual, can have a direct correlation to how we feel in the physical. This card talks about that balance between letting our physical circumstances take over our perception and staying spiritually grounded. 

When we become grounded and balanced, our material needs and manifestation abilities are going to start being met! 

She also talks about being kind to others :) 

Angel Blessings,