Card for 3/23/2015!


Today we have a card from a darker deck, "The Tarot of Vampyres' by Ian Daniels. Most of you are probably going to notice that this card is slightly out of the norm for the decks I normally use. The reason I chose this deck is because, while I believe whole heartedly that Angels are amazing and helpful, I believe that the shadow side of lif should be honored as well. This particular deck is new to me and I love it so far! I believe it's important to have a variety of light and dark, and to honor both. The darker decks, to me, always have really deep meanings that are rich in symbolism. So the card we have is the 'Prince of Skulls'! This card talks about the increase of matter with quickness and efficiency. Be straightforward and persistent in your actions! With focus, you can mentally direct your path through the universe! Be grounded, but stay free. Make sure that you set boundaries so you will not be distracted from your goals. Also, seek out the true nature of people and situations, so that you aren't surprised when the truth comes out. This card also talks about becoming aware of your sensual side and realizing that your sensual side is not bad, but rather a gift!

Angel Blessings!