Card of the Day, 3/24/2015


Today we have the 'Fortune' card from the 'Tarot of the Vampyres'! This is such a wonderfully beautiful card! I was shocked when I first saw it! This card is telling us that the wheel of the Universe is in constant motion, never changing or stopping. It is the wheel of destiny and fate. When we see the Fortune card, it tells us that change and movement are inevitable. Life is full of endings that lead to beginnings and then the end of those beginnings. It is up to us to keep up with this particular movement of the Universe, and adapt to our ever changing culture, thoughts and ideas. Nothing stays the same for long. That is something we have to accept. Change is always for the better, even when we don't see it like that. This card can also talk about unexpected gifts and opportunities! One thing that sticks out to me is that there is the Wheel, but thorns are behind it. This tells me to tell you that the wheel is still spinning during those thorny times in our lives and to never lose hope that things are still working in your favor, even if you are in a garden filled with thorns. When I looked at the Symbolism section in the book about this card, so much is drawn out!! There are 3 Vampyre creatures on this wheel, the serpent to the left who represents the negative force of retrospection and dissipation or decay (winter), the panther to the right which represents the positive creative and active energy that initiates the fires of life (summer), and the Sphinx-like creature at the top of the wheel that is made up of the four elemental animals whose particular role is the preserver and connecters of the other polarities, allowing the wheel to churn out everything into existence. All in all, this is a card rich with symbolism to the point that it is just absolutely mind blowing. 

Angel Blessings!