Card of the Day, 3/27/2015


Hello Lovelies!, 

Todays Card is 'Passed Over Loved Ones' from the Angel Dreams Deck. You are surrounded by you departed loved ones today. They are urging you to forgive yourself of anything related to their passing. Whatever you didn't get to say, say it to them now. They can still hear you and respond in their own way. This could include hearing strange sounds, getting cold chills, things being moved around your house, seeing butterflies, and multitudes of other things. They have forgiven you for anything that was, or wasn't, said or done. They have released it and it no longer affects them. They are asking you to do the same thing. Forgive yourself. Rest assured that they are watching over you. If someone's passing was especially difficult or traumatic, they see how their choices changed you in their Life Review once they pass over. The Life Review is something that everyone does once they cross over. We see how what we said and did affected other people and then we release it and embrace the love and light of heaven. I love you guys!!  

Angel Blessings,