Cards for 3/29/2015


The first card of the day we have is "Four of Swords" from the Wizards Tarot! this card says that it is time to rest! You have been overworking and dealing with too much stress. This card says that it is time to take a break from your duties and responsibilities, but in doing so realize that taking a break doesn't mean your duties and responsibilities end. They are just suspended for a time. Take time, relax, then you will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on your destiny. 




The Second card we have is the 'King of Pentacles' from The Housewives Tarot! Luxury. Diligence. Riches. That is what this card is about. After your rest and recuperation, you are going to have a new sense of what it takes to get what you desire. You will also be able to have the diligence needed to obtain your desires. However, this will not be an overnight success. Rest assured though, It will be worth it in the end. 

Angel Blessings!!