COTD for 3/31/2015


Hello lovelies!!! I was inexplicably drawn to use the 'Tarot of Vampyres' Deck today. I had no idea why until I actually read the symbol section in the guidebook about this card. The Eight of Knives card tells us that we may feel constricted or tied down. We may feel like there is no way out, or that we are waiting on circumstances that aren't within our control. However, as I looked more into this card, I saw that the Author lists kindred spirits that are attached to each card. In this case, we have 2 Angels, Vembael and Yahohel. Now, you may be wondering why these are important. I am about to tell you. As I researched these Angels and found their specialties, I have to say that it goes perfectly with this card. Vembael is the Angel who helps us when we feel that our lives are going nowhere. When we feel this way, we tend to mistrust others because the human nature wants to blame others. Vembael can lead us away from this behavior and guide us to love and trust. Yahohel, which has noticeable similarities to YAHWEH, is the angel who helps anyone who has copious amounts of anger in their lives. He can break the cycle of evil and put us back where need to be. So Anger and mistrust due to our own human nature can be the very things are holding us back or tying us down. Ask these angels to help you overcome any feeligns like the ones mentioned above. This card also talks about tremendous will to press on and finish what you started. I know the imagery is dark, but it's the lesson, not the image that is important. 

Angel Blessings!