Card of the Day 3/7/2015



Today's card, 'The Gift', tells you to make the most of what you have and of the beautiful gifts that earth has given you. Everything serves a purpose, even those things the bring us pain. The gift that we have is Manifestation. We can literally control how we approach things to bring us where we need to be. This gift can also be a detriment to us. We have to keep our thoughts positive and our outlook bright to keep our circumstances bright and happy!:)  

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot card is "7 of Airs" and it talks about feeling as though something has been taken or stolen from you. But take time to examine the truth of the situation. Don't make any snap judgements just yet.  

These two cards together tell us to guard our gifts. Lower energy thoughts can steal them and make us feel angry, sad, and negative. Keep your thoughts high, and your life will follow! 

Angel Blessings,