Card of the Day, 3/8/2015


Today's card, "Into the Woods", tells us to take that leap and follow our hearts. There is a step you need to take that is outside of your comfort zone. Rest is shared, though, it is to your benefit. Growth doesn't come from comfort, complacency does. And complacency can breed negative and lower energies, and hinder every area of your life.ask for help from Archangel Michael and already out in this area of your life. 

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot card for today is the "1 of Airs". This card tells you to take time to replenish your physical state. It's incredibly important, seeing as how your physical self impacts your spiritual self. our physical state also affects our speed of manifestation. So take time to be healthy and to make healthy choices. The "1 of Airs" also talks about coming into money suddenly and windfalls of prosperity! 


Together these cards say that being healthy, and making healthy choices, can be hard. But it's worth it. It's hard, believe me I know. Once you take that leap, it will help you to experience many spiritual blessings and growth!!

Angel Blessings!