Card of the Day, 3/9/2015


Today's card is 'Transparency', from the 'Oracle of the Mermaids'. This card says that it is time to be yourself. Don't live a lie for anyone. Be clear about your intentions and come to an understanding of who you are. Don't worry what others will think, show your true face to the world. Some people won't like it, some people will though. The key is to not care. Be true to you!

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot card is 'The Mediator,  this card says that it is time to begin living with the annoyances of every day life, and not let them defeat you. Above all, learn not to give into temptation. Do not invite or attract negative energy into your life. Be aware of all that is around you engage your reactions accordingly in respect to your situations. 


Together, these cards say that transparency is important, you will be tempted to go back into your cell once you come out. RESIST!!!!! People are going to have all kinds of reactions Beecave your self grounded in react to others with peace and love. Then, and only then, will you be respected and heard.  

Angel Blessings,