COTD 4/16/2015



Today I drew cards from all 7 decks on my altar! I will list them at the end of this. We have a very cohesive message today. The first card says that you may be feeling like you don't have what it takes spiritually. Maybe your manifesting ability has become less and less, or you have lost your passion. What was once so familiar is now seemingly foreign. Card 2, however, tells you that you shouldn't feel this way. The Spiritual Gifts that you desire, desire to be yours! You have so much power that is waiting to be claimed, and only you can do it! Moving on, we have the 2 of Michael. This card always comes up where there is a conflict between our higher selves, and our egos - or lower selves. Our higher selves are constantly wanting that communion and spiritual oneness with the Divine, but our ego often gets in the way with lies that we aren't deserving enough, or good enough. Spirituality isn't about being good enough, it's about accepting your mistakes and missteps and extracting lessons from them to help you grow. Now, we have a card from the Fallen Angels, and it's message is "honesty" from the Angel Orobas. This card was the stand out card for me, and it applies quite nicely to today's reading. For those of us who read for Clients, we have a code of ethics. A basis for myself and others I know is this, don't take advantage of your client. People come to us vulnerable at times, and they cling to every word we say. What I am going to say next is not about myself or anyone that I know personally: It is VERY easy at times to tell people what they want to hear to make a quick buck, but if you do, you can be sure that you will be found out and the Universe will not have it. So be ethical and attain your spiritual goals the right way. Next up, we have 'The Supernatural' from the Beautiful Creatures Tarot! This card tells you that it is okay to ask for supernatural help!! That's what all of these Gods, Goddesses, Ascendsd Masters, and Angels are there for!! So don't be shy or feel undeserving! It doesn't matter what you've done or what religion you are, they will all come to your aid! Next we have the 'Queen of Cups' from one of my favorite decks, Tarot Illuminati! This card represents someone who is Psychic but often takes on the emotional state of others. She is strong in her ability, but emotions are powerful things! And especially for those of us who are empathic, shielding is of grave importance! Don't let's others negativity sway you! Stay the positive course! Our last card is 'Creation'. And it is beautiful. Think beautiful, positive, loving thoughts, as they do manifest! Your words are an inexhaustible source of magic (Dumbledore said that haha) and that is so so so true, you can create with just the words that leave your lips!! So tell the universe what you desire, and you will have it if it's for your highest good! 

**Decks in order of Appearence:  

Wild Wisdom of the Faery's Oracle

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Archangel Power Tarot

Fallen Angel Oracle  

Beautiful Creatures Tarot  

Tarot Illuminati  

Magical Times Empowement Cards


Angel Blessings!!