COTD 4/3/2016


Hello lovely people! 

First, thanks for stopping by! Our card today is 'Adversity' from the 'Magical Times Empowerment Deck'! I am absolutely in love with this oracle deck! The imagery is beautiful and the meanings on the cards are so relatable and, well, Magical! I have rose quartz out while using this deck because of the loving energy I feel from and towards it. This card comes to us saying that adversity and challenges come our way to teach us. Each particular situation has a gift in it, all you have to do it look. Like this card says, storms can sometimes bring us the greatest lessons! So many times we put the focus on 'poor, pitiful, me' instead of on the bigger picture of why this certain challenge came about. I think one of the most useful tools in these types on situations is introspection. We need to evaluate why this situation came about, what we said or did to bring it about, or how others helped it come to you. That in itself can teach us volumes about changes we need to make with us and outside of us. 

Angel Blessings!