COTD 5/15/2015


Alright Guys!  

Card number 8, Strength. When I see this card I see a couple different things: 

First, I see the birds and the Cat in peace and harmony. Normally there is bit of animosity between the two, but here we see the birds just sitting and not being worried. This tells me that no matter what we are faced with, we can stand right beside our fears and be brave. We have strength inside and around us. The Universe will never not support you with your strength when you need it.  

Now the second thing I see is the Cat showing AMAZING self restraint. Here we are reminded that Strength sometimes comes in the form of Self Control. It takes more for us to remain silent when it's called for than to lash out. This doesn't mean be a doormat, but it does mean to choose your battles wisely. To me, this cats face is saying he wants the jump up and eat these birds, but he isn't, either that, or he has his eyes on bigger prize in the distance and realizes the birds are insignificant in the pursuit of this prize.  

Remember, you are strong! 

Angel Blessings,