COTD 6/13/2015

Deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot


Today we have the '9 of Wands' and '4 of Swords'. This deck is the most accurate I have come across other than the Mystical Cats Tarot. I love this deck because it makes me want to always draw 'one more card'. It is so direct and upfront, much like the Tarot Illuminati. Anyway, about the cards. 9 of Wands is about skill and protecting that which you have, sometimes to a fault. Perseverance and Stamina are rampant in this card, which seems at odds with the 4 of Swords, which is about rest and taking a breather, while not forgetting your responsibilities. So what are you using your stamina to protect. Are you tired from trying to hold your own for too long? Don't push yourself too hard. Take time to recover and rejuvenate. Running yourself ragged isn't going to help anything and will only cause you lose that which you have persevered so hard to protect. Rest. Relax. It's ok to do that. 

Angel Blessings,