COTD 7/15/2015

Deck Used: Kwan Yin Oracle

Deck Used: Kwan Yin Oracle

Hello Lovely People!

This was my personal card of the day, and I wanted to share it with you! Card 18 'Mother Fierce'. The Message is AMAZING and falls in line perfectly with the card for yesterday! Isis was our Goddess yesterday, and we have Kwan Yin today! 

You are protected during this time of change in your life! Yesterday, Isis reminded you that you have a special place in both the Heavenly and Physical realms and that you have a purpose! Your purpose will cause change to occur in your life and Kwan Yin wants you to know that she, too, is on your side protecting you!! You are loved and protected by the Fire of the Goddess of Compassion!! Don't be afraid!!

Angel Blessings,