COTD 7/17/2015

Deck Used: Angel Dreams Oracle  

Deck Used: Angel Dreams Oracle  


Hello Everyone! 

First, it's been such a great birthday, so thanks for all of your birthday wishes!!:) This deck has been yearning to be used so I followed the guidance and drew a card. "Full Moon" is what we have! You are at your prime right now! There is an abundance of energy around you waiting to be directed and manifested into your physical reality. This card also talks about change, endings and beginnings. The Angels told me specifically that your self doubt is coming to an end, and that this will launch you into a place of personal power the likes of which you have never witnessed! Mother Mary and Quan Yin are associated with this card as well, so don't be afraid to ask for assistance as you begin to walk in your personal power! Change is hard, but ultimately good :) 

Angel Blessings,