COTD 8/17/2015


I honestly couldn't make this shit up. This card ties in perfect with the Angel Number for today, which I will include below. We have the Knight of Stones (Pentacles) today. In the traditional RWS Deck, this is the only Knight who is standing still with his horse. He is practical, responsible, and trustworthy. However, I feel that today this Knight is contemplating some changes. He is carefully considering his options and is on the verge of making a move. But the thing is, you can't let logic and practicality keep you from where your intuition is wanting you to go. Your Ego can most definitely use even the most positive aspects of yourself to hold you back. Venture out, you won't regret it, if you fail, you won't lose any more ground than you have now. Don't confuse yourself with overthinking!  If you are facing a career choice, go with your gut!! You've got this!!

Angel Blessings,