COTD 8/21/2015

Deck Used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins

Deck Used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins


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How many of you know how truly powerful you are? Probably not a lot. I know I don't haha. We have ideas, and we hear people talk about it, but how often do we actually walk in it? What if I told you that your thoughts, even the fleeting ones, can change the course of your day, year, or even your life? Well guess whaaaattttt, they can! I am really being spoke to today about my thoughts and how they need to change. How can you change your thoughts? By realizing how powerful you are! Once you fully realize it, you are limitless in what you can manifest!! You have the power of the Universe running through you, at this very moment, the stardust that makes up galaxies is inside of you. The power that created the Universe is the power you have!!! Step into it!! All you have to do is open the door and step into it!!! You are loved beyond belief and it is so incredibly safe to be powerful and to know you are!!  

Angel Blessings!!