COTD 8/5/2015

Deck Used: Joie Dr Vivre Tarot

Deck Used: Joie Dr Vivre Tarot

FINALLY!! I can hear your sigh of relief. Why are you sighing with relief? Because the 10 of Coins is here! Financial abundance is here for you! It's been a journey, but you have finally made it! Even if you don't feel like it, you have. It's time to make yourself feel like you have made it, and you will. It's all in your head. There is an 18 inch difference in poverty and prosperity. How? You can't just know that you need to change your thinking, it has to reach your heart. You have to put the effort in. Abundance isn't going to just pop up for you. So get to work! It's already here, just reach out for it!! Just look at our Angel message for today below!


Angel Blessings