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Tarot and Apps...Is it the Same?


So this is the first, non card of the day, post in a while. I want to talk about Tarot Cards vs. Tarot Apps. I know several people who prefer not to use them, and that's awesome. I know some people who choose to use them, but just for fun. I personally use them daily and I will tell you why:

1. I love the ease of access. It is so convenient for those of us who don't carry bags and can't carry a physical deck around with us. It also reduces the chance of physical cards getting damaged while we are out and about. I personally use an App for my card of the day 99% of the time, and have great success with it. This leads me to reason number two.

2. They are just as accurate as your physical deck, if you let them be. I use my tarot apps for readings for clients if I am on the go and don't have a deck with me. I have gotten just as much positive feedback as those readings that are done with a physical deck. For me, Tarot and Oracle Apps are amazingly accurate because I put my energy into them and I set my intention to have an accurate and divinely guided reading. I do the same prayer no matter what type of deck I use, and invoke the same 3 Archangels (Michael, Haniel, and Gabriel) as I normally would. If Tarot Apps don't work for you, think about the reason why. Are you already thinking that it won't work, or be accurate, before you even use it? 

3. They are great if you want to try a deck out. I personally have Apps on my phone of decks that I wouldn't buy the Physical Copy of. Not for any particular reason, I just like it better on my phone. But out of the 43 Tarot and Oracle apps I have, I own 33 of them as Physical Decks. For the most part, if the app is made my The Fool's Dog, LLC, you are able to read the entire guidebook for the deck as well. And I don't know about you, but I would rather pay 3.99 for a deck and not like it than pay 25-30 bucks, only to discover I can't connect with it. A prime example of this is The Revelations Tarot, I just can't get into it yet. 

4. They are super fun and easy! Most of them let you choose your own virtual Reading Cloth, while giving you tons of layouts to choose from! This is amazing to me, as I love little personal touches like that :) 

This post is not to convince anyone to download Tarot/Oracle Apps, only to state my observation about them :) 

Ange Blessings,



COTD 7/8/2015

Deck used: Tarot Illuminati

Deck used: Tarot Illuminati

Emotions! That's the keyword today! The tarot illuminati advice starts with the Ace of Cups. You are going to have a lot of feelings (Mean Girls reference) today. And it looks like most of them will be positive! New beginnings in the emotional sphere, even romance, are possible today! So good things! You cup will run over with positive emotions. Along comes Temperance next however. This card kind of reigns us in a bit. Emotions are great, but make sure there is logic as well. Decisions made in Emotional Highs or Lows, can actually have the opposite effect and end up causing you more harm than good. This realization may potentially push you into the '4 of Cups Mentality'. However, pouting and negativity isn't going to get you anywhere. Realize what is being offered to you, and once you accept it, the 6 of Wands will be your ending, VICTORY!!! You will feel accomplished and wonderful! Avoid the poor pitiful me shit though haha. No one likes that. 

Angel Blessings


Connecting with your Cards

Hey Everyone!!

Today, I am going to talk about connecting with your cards. How can we do that? Is there some secret form or spread to help? Maybe, but I don't know it.

Connecting with your cards is a very personal thing, I am going to share some of the ways that have connected with my cards, and some of the ways that I am trying to connect with cards at the present moment.

  • Keeping the deck on my altar is one very easy way to connect with a deck. I just walk by and shuffle and draw a card. I read the guidebook portion for that card, and leave it there all day. This helps me to be able to look at it and draw from it what I need.
  • Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle, then just to be safe, shuffle again. It is a great way to mingle our energy with the decks energy. If you have a desk, put your cards there while you are working and shuffle them in your downtime. **I would only do this at home. You can carry your deck to work, but other people might not understand and you wouldn't want your deck to be around negative energy.
  • Speaking of negative energy, Cleansing and Clearing your deck is of the utmost importance. I usually do it once I open a new deck, but I do it periodically for my others as well. There are several ways to do this such as smudging, placing a crystal on the deck, holding the deck and imagining white light going through it, and any other way that you feel comfortable with. It's all about your relationship with the deck. 
  • Sleeping with your deck under your pillow. This really got people talking when I posted about it on my Facebook page and to a Tarot Group on Facebook. Why on earth would you sleep with 78 cards under your head? Here's why. I feel, and I have read this as well, that when you sleep with a deck, either under your head or on your nightstand, you form a connection with it as you sleep. Sometimes we need our subconscious to open up a bit if we are having a hard time with a deck. Benebell Wen, author of 'Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth' used this method for the Robin Wood Tarot, I believe. I have heard of this from many other authors as well. However, don't be surprised if you have crazy dreams!

I hope that this post has helped you! If you would like to contact me, or view a list of readings that I offer, click here .

Angel Blessings to each and every one of you!!