Isis Oracle

COTD 7/14/2015

Deck Used: Isis Oracle

Deck Used: Isis Oracle

Hello Everybody!

Sorry for my absence again, but I promise this card will make up for it. This deck has been calling to me for ages, and I really feel the presence of Isis today, so I decided to use this deck. Funny story, I actually did't choose a card from this deck first. I normally do the Card of the Day from one of my many Apps on my phone. But today, I drew the card and wasn't feeling a connection with it. So here we are! Lesson: When a deck wants to be heard and used, use it. 

We have the "Wings of Isis" today, and this card is AMAZING!!!!! First, the Imagery is PHENOMENAL. WOW. Think that's cool? Hold on to your hats! The message of this card is that you, YES YOU, have special spiritual relationship with the Angelic World (even if you aren't aware of it yet). and part of your Soul Purpose is the bring Angelic Consciousness and Values to earth. What values are they? Fearlessness, compassion, and service are just a few. Have you ever felt like there is more to your life? More to your Life Purpose? Well you are right! Once we become aware that we are not only of this world, but the angelic one, we begin to tap into that power that only the Angels can give us.

This sounds amazing right? Of course! That is because it IS amazing! However, this path isn't easy. It calls for you to lift your vibrations higher and higher, which will result in certain practices, behaviors, thoughts, and, yes, even relationships to fall by the wayside in pursuit of this purpose. Not to worry though. The Divine Winged Mother, Isis, is assisting you, making sure you won't fail. There are others like you as well, myself included, that you will be drawn to as well! I am going to include an Incantation from the Guidebook of this Deck that can be read by anyone of any belief system.


Angel Goddess Wings of White

Help my Angelic Soul take Flight

I call upon Angelic Intervention

Align my life with Divine Perfection

My Soul and inner Angel are one

In my body integration has begun

Angel Goddess Wings of Love

You protect me from below and above.

Angel Blessings,