Lucy Cavendish

COTD 5/24/2015

Hi All,

So I don't know what it is about this Mercury Retrograde (MR for short), but I am inexplicably drawn to the Tarot of Vampyres and the Les Vampires Oracle. I want to say it's because these decks have such a shadow energy to them and during MR, we are supposed to confront our shadow side and deal with it so that we can move forward with our lives. So I know that some of these cards may have confronting images and that some of you may now be drawn to the imagery, but bare with me. Spirit is giving these messages for a reason. So look beyond the art into the heart of the card. We have 'Seduction' today. This is actually the first time ever that I haven't actually drawn a card. This was my personal card for the day and Spirit told me to use it, so here it is. This card has multiple meanings. The first is not to be swayed by material things, the Vampire here can represent these material things, seducing you and begging for you attention. The bloody handprints on the wall are an Omen of what will come if you succumb to materialism. Your spirit will suffer and wither away. Material Comfort is important, don't get me wrong, but one huge lesson I learned recently is that we are Spiritual beings having a Physical Experience. We are NOT Physical beings trying to have Spiritual Experience. Wait, what? Yes. When we put too much focus on the material and physical, we lose sight of the Spiritual and the funny thing is, the Spirit in us, creates the physical world around us! We have lost sight of this amazing fact. The Second meaning of this card is a quite literal one. If you are in a relationship, don't look to others no matter how tempting or alluring they are. Seduction is a POWERFUL thing. The person who may be tempting you has no horse in the race that is your relationship. They will leave you bloodied and beaten, but hey, they got what they wanted. I know this is a strange message to have, but I know it is needed for someone out there. I love you guys so much! My weekly reading is below, and I used this deck for it! So check it out and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! 

Angel Blessings!