Spirit (read this)

Alright guys, saddle up (pony up?). This is going to be some deep shit. 

So, pour a glass of wine, sit down, and lets chat.

We are going to talk about Spirit. Yes, Spirit. We aren’t going to be talking about Tarot, but what I think is the foundation of Tarot, at least for me. 

Spirit takes on many, many forms. Each different based on the region of the world, the belief system, culture, family, and even varies from individual to individual. 

I was told something a while back: “Spirit brings to us what is relevant to us in that moment to help us on our journey”. What prompted this question was my Christian upbringing. Coming from a religious household, I was beat over the head with the bible (not literally) and told that bad people go to hell and good people to heaven (more or less). 

Leaving the church was a decision that kind of made itself. I am going to talk about myself here…so stick with me. When I say that the decision made itself, I mean that it came so naturally to me. I had left the Protestant church searching for answers. I did NOT like being told that I was going to burn eternally for being gay, that was horse shit to me, so I peace’d out. I starting praying the rosary at that time, and found so much comfort and solace in it. I decided to go to a Catholic church. While I loved the structure and the beauty of the rituals. I went there for quite a while, a few months at least. But it didn’t fill the void in my soul for something more. 

That is when I found The Archangel Power Tarot. I had been getting angel numbers quite a bit, like multiple times a day all day long, and when I researched it, of course Doreen Virtue’s name came up.

So I bought the deck, because I wanted a ‘good’ tarot deck. And then it snowballed to where I am now!

But Christianity is a very difficult thing to get rid of, kind of like an STD or Glitter. Once you have it, you are either constantly reminded about it, see it everywhere you go, or you still suffer the side effects from it. The doctrine taught there is, for the most part, incredibly harmful and still effects me to this day, causing me to doubt my life purpose and I keep wondering if what I am doing is wrong, when it isn’t at all. 

So I was having one of these moments, and Spirit gave me what I said above. I was kind of confused at first, but then it all made sense. Spirit weaves it’s way through all of our lives in one way or another. All religions are the same, because Spirit never changes. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Taoist, whatever, it is all the same. 

Whatever is relevant to Christian to help them live a better life and love and help others, that is what Spirit will give them. When I was in the church, I believe I had the Spiritual Gift of Knowledge (basically intuition) and I was able to tell things about people and gain insights into them fairly easily. I used this to help people who needed to talk about their issues and problems, but also in my daily devotions and walk with God. I would get messages that just made my heart SING and messages that made me rethink a lot of things and become a better Christian. I was so involved in the church and was wondering if that was all false. But then Spirit simply told me it was relevant to my experience at the time to become a better human and to learn. It wasn't that that was right and my life now is wrong, or vice versa, it is just a different avenue. When you go down two different streets, they each offer different sights and experiences, neither are wrong or right, they are just different.

Spirit weaves an intricate web between all things, inanimate and animate, that connects us all to each other. 

The Pastor in the pulpit on Sunday morning preaching about loving your neighbor is inspired by the same Spirit that Hindus invoke during prayer and ritual. 

The key to knowing who is inspired by the spirit is one simple thing: LOVE.

If the message is about love, or causes and chain reaction of love, it is from Spirit, no matter what form it takes.

Now, the opposite is also true. There are people claiming to be ‘led by the spirit’ and are filled with hate, resentment, and bitterness. That is NOT of Spirit. At all. So those people can basically, suck it. 

This realization was wonderful to me because I harbored such animosity towards Christians and the whole religion honestly, for how I was treated and the entire ‘hell’ concept. But now, I have seen things in a different light and I am working on keeping things in that light. 

Spirit is wonderful, no matter what form it takes for you or I. 

Just make sure you are centered in love, because that is all that matters. 

sorry for any typos 

Angel Blessings,