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Demons, The Devil, and Your Personal Power

Hello, Warriors of Light!,

That sounds really good, doesn’t it? It is really empowering and yet forceful at the same time. It lets people know that you are not to be fucked with, but that you will be peaceful if you are. It is a title that gives the lower energies the heebie-jeebies because they know you are acting fully in your power as a being of Divine light and Divine love. 

But what are these lower energies? 

I know that we all like to stay ‘in the light’ as much as possible, and this post isn’t to scare you or take you from that light that you hold dear, but some things need to be talked about because we will encounter these things and when we do it is important to know how to deal with them!

I am going to be sharing some crazy stories of things that I have encountered and how I dealt with them to empower you to be in your light if these things happen to you.

This post will have 2 parts: Part 1 is about lower energy and the names that it has. Part 2 is the Spiritual Training Tools to move into your power fully and techniques to make sure you and your home are cleared.

*keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and you don’t have to like everything I say, just be respectful*


Part 1

This is a topic that makes many of us (myself included) uneasy but I felt the need to bring this up. When we bring hidden and scary stuff to the surface it no longer has power over us so that is what we are here to do. Lower energy has a few names, The Devil, Demons, Earthbound Spirits, Donald Trump….they are all names for lower energy. But let's really look at these things in more detail. The idea for this post came from a coworker and I really having a deep discussion about our Spiritual Paths one night, she is Christian and I…am not. She is absolutely amazing and was really receptive to what I had to say, but this made me think about how many people who follow a different path get asked the questions about Devil worship, demons, and all that shit. So if that is you, this post is here to serve you.

The start with the easy one:

The Devil: I don’t believe in one supreme ruler of evil in the world. I believe the Devil was made up to scare people into doing good and to be scapegoat for when people fucked up. Humans have an ego that is tied to negative emotion and to lower vibrational thoughts and actions. I also feel that there is a significant reason why the Devil card in Tarot represents ego and addiction. The devil is often thought of as a being who cares only about his carnal pleasure and has no regard for others, so this is where we begin so see people blaming the Devil for their adultery, murder, etc. instead of owning up to it for themselves.We are responsible for what we do, and that is my thoughts on that.

Demons: So here is my first crazy story. When was living with my first roommate in her house, I would always get really uneasy at night walking up the stairs, as I ‘saw’ this little winged creature with red eyes follow me up the stairs It actually got to the point that I would run up the stairs and close my door scared to death. At first, I chalked it up to watching one too many scary movies, then something happened. I was reading a book by Doreen Virtue and she described demons as personifications of mans fear. She described to a ’T’ what I saw, down to the red eyes and wings. I was floored. At this point in my life, I was vehemently against anything related to the church and I still had this fear of going to hell and that my new path was wrong. This fear was so intense that it actually manifested into the form of what I saw to be a demon. This was so empowering to me, because if I create something, I can destroy it. Next, what about energies who were once people…

Earthbound Spirits: Being a medium, I have seen quite a few spirits, however they were all perfectly at peace. What about the ones that aren’t at peace though? These are called Earthbound Spirits and are people who have passed on and haven’t gone to the light. This could be because they died traumatically, or because they didn’t get to say good-bye. From encounters I have heard about, they are relatively harmless but can be scary and hard to deal with. 

Donald Trump: Impeach him….haha

Now you may come across people who have a ton of negative energy around them, maybe not legions of demons, but they make you uneasy. These people could be very pessimistic, grumpy, unhappy, people or they could be carrying around emotional baggage from traumas in their lives or lives or loved ones. When you come into contact with these people, be wary of your energy being zapped because, without even meaning to, they will start to draw from your positive energy. This could make them feel better, and leave you in an energetic funk. In part 2 we will talk about how to keep that from happening :)

So that was part 1 where we see how our fears can manifest. Now let’s talk about your Spiritual Tool Belt for dealing with these energies.

Tool 1: This is the best tool of all, Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael is the angel that you see with rippling muscles, a sword of light, and a halo of rich purple. This angel is a warrior in his own right and that is his purpose. He protects us from, shields us from, and eliminates all lower and negative energy. If you even feel scared or worried, ask Michael to come help you and he 100% will! He can be everywhere at once so you never bother him by calling on him. My second story I wanted to tell you is that when I was bed one night, I felt this presence watching me, it was unsettling and really dense and scary. I was actually frightened and didn’t want to get out of my bed, but my Archangel Michael spray was literally right past where I felt the presence. So, after turning every light I could on, I dashed for my spray and did a space clearing in the middle of the night with Archangel Michael, and after that, everything was fine.

Tool 2: White Light. This takes 3 seconds and all you do is visualize white light from heaven all around you, covering you. Inside your body, and all around you. This keeps negative energy from coming around you.

Tool 3: Mirror Ball. I learned this from James Van Praagh. Picture a ball of light around you with mirrors facing out, like a disco ball. The darkness will see their reflection and run away!

Tool 4: Sage and Space Clearing. Clearing your home and personal space is really important in making sure everything stays the way it needs to and you don’t gain any unwanted visitors. I use colored candles for each element and sage spray personally and I love it!

Tool 5: Intention. Set your intention to channel the light in all that you do. In all you say, think, do, and feel. This gives you little wiggle room to fall into negative energy. Now, when you do, just say “I choose again” and you will be on the right path again.

Tool 6: Knowledge. Know who you are. You are a bad-ass, warrior of divine love and light, you are literally stardust, you are part of the very force that created you. Self doubt and self sabotage are really negative and when they are left unchecked they can really bring your energy down. Knowing who you are, and constantly reminding yourself of it, is a sure-fire way to grow in your power and confidence!

Once again, this was just a brief post about empowering you, and encouraging you to live in your power! You are literally so powerful that your thoughts can manifest, make sure they are what you want!

Until next time,