Hello Lightworker!, 

Welcome to the 'Light Your Way' Self Study Course! 'Light Your Way' is meant to empower you to know when the Universe is sending you guidance (hint: It ALWAYS is!) and give you the tools to accurately identify it when it is given! The reason why this is called 'Light Your Way' is because I truly believe that when we do the work to make sure we are clear channels for the guidance of the Universe, our paths become illuminated with the knowledge that we are given. This Self Study Course is divided into four parts: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience. Each section includes 2 Videos (1 about the 'Clair' and the other contains tips and ways to enhance that Clair!), a written section with information and tips, as well as Journal prompts to help you along your journey! The format of the course is a PDF where the links to the videos are provided, so you can easily download it to your Kindle or iBooks and carry it with you!

You will also get access to the 'Light Your Way' Facebook Group where you can ask questions, meet new people, and have live talks with me!

I am very excited to be offering something like this, as it is my first venture in teaching about the Gifts that have changed my life, and help you to change yours as well!

The Course Launches April 5th and the Early Pricing is $45! 

If you are ready to begin receiving guidance in ways that you have never dreamed of, click the button below!