Card of the day 3/4/2015


This is my favorite minor arcana card ever in Tarot! The '9 of Waters' (9 of cups in traditional tarot) is a card that foretells wishes coming true. It tells you that some of the things you have been longing for, are coming to pass. However, not everything you want is going to come to you when you want it. The key is being grateful for what does come true and for those wishes and dreams that you have been manifesting.  There is a reason that we do not get everything we want all at once. If we got everything we wanted, all at once, we would have no gratitude for what we receive. Consider it a test, if we get a little bit and we are grateful for it then we get the rest. If we get a little bit and want more, we failed the test and delay our own gratification. Now, this isn't saying we will never get what we want, it is saying we control the speed of which it comes to us. So whatever comes your way today, if it's one small thing, or three huge things, show (sincere) gratitude and you will receive even more.

Angel Blessings,