Card of the day, 3/19/2015


Today we have the '9 of Ariel' and 'The Desert Prince' from the the 'Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards'. These cards are very different in nature. The first card talks about dreams being fulfilled and the second one talks about having dry spells in your life. How do this two cards mesh? Let me tell you :).  

The '9 of Ariel', tells us that hard work leads to great success and that you have acted with wisdom and that its time to finally relax and maybe pursue spiritual things in your time alone. It also speaks on 'Contentment'.  

The 'Desert Prince' card tells us to be brave and courageous. Why is this important when we are going through dry spells? Because giving up keeps us where we don't want to be. Dry spells are a test of faith. The Universe is always testing us, making sure we can walk our talk.  

These two cards are linked by one word:  Contentment. Contentment is the magic that moves us through our dry spell. When we become content where we are, while actively working towards a better tomorrow, we will be catapulted into good times! Don't be mislead though! Miracles still happen in the Desert!  

Angel Blessings,