COTD 6/8/2015



First, let's discuss the fact that this makes 3 card of the day posts in a row, so I'm patting myself on the back for that. Second, our card  from the Ellis DecK again. I had a profound revelation with this card this morning as I drew it before I got out of bed. What do you see with this card? I see a girl entangled in spider webs. The 8 of Swords often comes up when someone is feeling confined or trapped. However, when we see this card, what stands out to me is the spider webs. We as humans can't get caught in Spiders web. We just walk right through it, though sometimes we still feel like it's all over us, which is fun. This card beckons you to ask yourself what you feel trapped by. Is it thoughts? Words? Actions? Well rest assured these 'traps' are illusions. You aren't trapped at all. If the girl on the card opened her eyes, she would be able to leave this situation in seconds. Ask for your spiritual eyes to be opened to any illusions that have you trapped and repeating patterns in your life so that you can be free! 

Angel Blessings!