Burst through blocks with Tarot!

I think that, at times, we approach tarot as the super mystical tool for connecting with divine energy and channeling unicorns and things and forget that it is actually a really practical tool in helping us in our every day lives.

It isn’t “bad” to approach Tarot with regular, every day, questions. It doesn’t demean the ‘Magic” of it in any way. I actually believe that it strengthens our connection with our deck(s) when we show that level of trust by asking questions that we legit need answers to in that moment.

I have been reading tarot for around 5 years and I have had some crazy amazing spiritual experiences doing so, but I have also consulted Tarot for “smaller” questions and things I just wanted to know in that moment.

It’s okay to ask Tarot for help and clarification, that is what it’s there for! So, in this blog post, we are going to talk about how we can use Tarot to help us navigate our way around the blocks that seem to hold us back from living our best life. 

I am going to provide you with a spread and everything, so that you have all the means necessary to help you right here, right now.

You are going to notice that, in this spread, I bring in the energy of Lord Ganesha. The purpose for this is that he is THE one to go to when you ned help bursting through blocks and obstacles. 

You can find the spread at the end of this blog post! But, for now, let’s chat about the blocks that we can face and what guidance may come through to help us with them.



Now, before we even go too deep into this, I AM NOT talking about mental illness. AT ALL. This portion of the post is dedicated to the thoughts that plague us and keep us from truly living the life we desire. 

I am a full believer that our thoughts create our reality and that they need to be monitored as much as possible. If they aren’t, we can find ourselves in a downward spiral of negative thoughts and, then, negative experiences. We can get so stuck in  negative thought patterns that we don’t even realize that we are in them because they seem so normal to us! If you are familiar with Abraham-Hicks, then you know that The Law of Attraction is always offering us what we give, and what we give is our thoughts and vibration. So, in the spread, you will see that the card that comes up for you is all about the ways that you can break those mental cycles that are keeping you down and making you feel blocked. When you do this, you will begin to notice that your thoughts get more positive, your vibration gets higher, and you begin to attract more of what you want to see in your life. 


Now, this isn’t talking about an actual wall, but rather a series of events, places, people, etc., that are seemingly keeping you hemmed in to where you are.These things can be a boss that nags you, a dead job that you hate, people that talk down to you about your dreams, as well as low vibe people and habits in general. The second card in the spread is all about how you can circumvent these perceived blocks and let them become opportunities for new direction and growth. There is no such thing, truly, as an ‘obstacle’. My teacher, Gabby Bernstein says that “Obstacles are detours in the right direction” and I have really taken that to heart and I hope you will do the same.


These particular blocks are, I believe, the trickiest to sort out because they can be very deeply rooted in the essence of who we are. Past Life Traumas, Residual Energy from Dogmatic Belief Systems, Psychic Attacks, Being Empathic, and many other Spiritual maladies can really have a profound impact on how you perceive the world around you. I do want to clarify a few things before we go any further: 

Being Empathic isn’t bad, but when you don’t know how to manage it you absorb energy and emotions from every person you come into contact with, which can drag you down majorly.

Psychic Attacks can also be SUPER prevented just by taking care of your own energy and keeping it neat and shiny!

You can learn more about protecting your energy HERE

Spiritual Blocks are also super tricky because they require quite a bit more work to navigate sometimes. You may need a Past Life Reading (Vix From New Age Hipster has a Past Life Reading that is  fucking LEGIT), a Tarot Reading, or A Lightworker 1 on 1 Session to get to the bottom of what is keeping you stuck!

There are a plethora of tools available to you to embrace this healing, and, when you draw the particular card in the spread, it is showing you an action step you can take to begin the journey of Spiritual Healing (feel free to draw 2 additional card for a total of 3 steps)! 


What the fuck is a “Higher Self”? Well, in a nutshell, it is the part of yourself that is 100% connected to Source/God/The Universe at all times. Because it is always 100% connected, you can tap into it to receive guidance from the Universe! When you draw this card in the spread, it is literally bringing the energy of the universe down through you so get really comfortable. There is no need to draw this card super quick. Visualize a beam of white light coming down from the heavens and resting on top of your head, this is your “connection” to the Divine. Let this light just rest with you and, when you feel ready, ask for guidance from your higher self about the blocks that you are facing and draw the card!


So, I would be doing you a TOTAL disservice, and honestly not being myself, if I didn’t talk about ANGELS! Angels are, in my opinion, fucking amazing. They are the bridge between Heaven and Earth and are ALWAYS ready to help you. In fact, they are pretty much chomping at bit to help you. So why don’t they? Because we need to ask! We all have freewill and, because of that, we need to ask for help. The Angels only step in without permission when it is a life threatening situation. 

(btw, you can totally find out which Archangel is with you here)

But, how can Angels help me with the blocks that I have?

I am so glad you asked! I know that I, for one, have had those moments where I don’t really feel like my prayers are going to do any good at all, whatsoever. Angels operate at a lower vibration that God/Source and that actually makes them EASIER for us to get to and ask for help. Now, we don’t really pray to Angels, but we can ask them for help with certain things because that’s what they are there for.

When you draw this card in your spread, envision tons of Angels around you, covering you in White Light. They only offer guidance that is for your highest good, and will never judge you based on what you think you have done wrong, so don’t worry about that.

I believe firmly that we all have Angels around us every second of every day. However, I also believe that we have an entire TEAM dedicated to helping us with the blocks and issues that we have. You can find yours here, if you’re curious.



Ganesha is the Hindu Elephant God of Abundance, Knowledge, and breaking down Obstacles and Blocks. He is also legit af and is AMAZING to work with! Now, working with him, I always love to have a Yellow Candle and Rainbow Obsidian. Obviously these aren’t necessary but I really love them. When you are shuffling for the last card, chant “OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA” 3 times and  then ask Ganesha for Guidance and draw the card.


I LOVE this  “Expand Through All Obstacles” Mantra by Jai-Jagdeesh, you can listen to it HERE!

I realize that not everyone has a Tarot Deck, or feels comfortable reading yet, so I am offering this reading in my shop here for all of you reading this. It will be a video reading, so you will get real time guidance :) 

I hope that this spread really serves you, and PLEASE post the spread on social media and tag me on Instagram (TAROTWITHANDREW)! I really want to see what you come up with and I will also answer any questions you have about things that come up! You aren’t alone! 

I love all of you so much, 


Bursting Blocks Spread FINAL-2.png

Who Walks With You?

Hello Lovely People!,

WOW! It’s been almost a year since I have made a blog post, and it feels like it’s been no time at all! I have had so many new experiences in this time and I have really been growing and changing.

One way that I have grown is knowing, and really comprehending the fact, that I am never, EVER alone. Of course, I knew this before in my head but sometimes be heart doubted it, but a quote from A Course In Miracles really put this in perspective for me:



To me, it became crystal clear when I was really worrying about something going on in my life. I had become almost frantic. I was consumed with thoughts about how “I” could change my situation, or how “I” could fix it. Then, I decided to watch Gabby Bernstein. Now, it’s no secret that I absolutely love Gabby. Her teachings have really elevated me and helped me to be able to choose love over fear, however I am human and we all can sink back into that fear state at any given moment.  So I turned on Gabby and heard her say, “If you knew Who walks beside you on this path which you have chosen, fear would be impossible.” . I remember thinking, ‘damn, this is good!’. So, in that moment, I decided that I would do my best to give up the constant fear that I was experiencing. That’s when things started to change.

I began to open up my heart and life even more to those beings of Love and Light that were just waiting for me to give the “okay”. Something important that you should know is that you can have every Angel on Earth and in Heaven on your side, but if you don’t let them help you then they can’t. Every being has to respect your freewill choices, so make the choice to let them in and let’s get to it!

I FIRMLY believe we have a wonderful team of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters (Gods and Goddesses, and other Enlightened Beings), Dragons, and more that are with us every single day. In fact, I know it to be so. The purpose of this post is to give you a bit of guidance into how these beings can help you in your every day life! Let’s get started!


Dragons are fourth dimensional beings that are tasked with clearing away and consuming a lot of the denser energies, whereas Angels do not necessarily do that. They help us raise our vibration to rise above those energies. However, sometimes we need to help of Dragons when that denser and lower energy is all around us. Dragons are the way makers, the clearers, and the transmutat-ers, that help us keep our energy clear and high vibrational. Dragons are elementals, like Unicorns and Fairies, and therefore have a very grounding impact on you even though they fly high in the sky! There are hundreds of different types of Dragons but the main 4 that will be working with are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Now, most of the time your personal Dragon will correspond with the Element of your Zodiac Sign, so Cancer will have a Water Dragon, Leo will have a Fire Dragon, and so on. Dragons also have a real ability to get stagnant energy moving again and help you to get ‘unstuck’, if you are feeling that way. Now, I want to give you specialties of the 4 Dragons I mentioned earlier.

Fire Dragons: Burning away lower energies and protecting you from them

Earth Dragons: Keeping you grounded, prosperity, and growth

Water Dragons: Emotional Well-being and Psychic Abilities

Air Dragons: Soaring above earthly matters and seeing from a different perspective.

*Prayer to Connect with Your Dragon* Dear (Kind of Dragon), I ask that you come and fly around me, protect me, and clear the way for new energy to come to me. I ask for your assistance in (name the issue) and thank you for responding to me. So It is.

Now, I had never really heard about Dragon energy until I had signed up for an Online Course with the AMAZING Diana Cooper called, “Meet Your Dragons”. Now, this idea intrigued me but I wasn’t completely sold. But, I was doing the course, watching the videos and doing the meditations, and I began to really sense there was something more to it! So, I decided to meet my Dragon (and earth Dragon named Rory) and began cultivating that relationship by asking for his help, along with Air, Water, Fire, and Violet Flame, Dragons. I began to notice how much more protected I felt, and how I could honestly sense a change in my demeanor when I asked for their help.

Find out what Dragon is with you!

Then, something even more amazing happened: The Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper were released and my relationship with the Dragons drastically changed for the better. Not only was I able to find new Dragons, but the guidance from them was phenomenal! I highly recommend them, you can snag them here


Now, if you know me then you know I adore Angels. I love them to the moon and back and work with them daily. Angels are messengers of God (Universe, Source, whatever) and are tasked with helping us throughout our lives. This particular section is going to focus on Archangels more than Angels, as they are the overseers of the Angels. Each of us has at least 2 Guardian Angels, plus regular Angels, that surround us at all times. However, Archangels have specific specialties that we are going to touch on. Since there are 15 main Archangels, I am going to go over 4 Main ones for times sake:

Gabriel: Messengers, help in parenting, communication

Michael; Protection, Life Purpose, Clearing Energy

Ariel: Manifesting, Animal well-being, Nature

Uriel: Epiphanies, Inspiration, and Manifesting

*Prayer to Connect with Archangels* Dear Loving Universe and Archangel (Name), I am asking you to come and stand beside me, guide me, and help me with (name the issue). I ask that you send me signs of your presence, love, and support. So it is.

I’ve been working with Angels for years now, and the impact on my life has been amazing. Sometimes, we feel a disconnect from a Higher Power and that keeps us from asking for help. Angels have a lower vibration that God, so they are more easily reached to be able to help us in times of need, meeting us halfway to listen to our needs. I ask for the help of my Angels ever single day and they never fail me! They won’t fail you either!

What Archangel is watching over you? Find Out!


So, a quick note here: Doreen Virtue’s Book “Archangels and Ascended Masters” is AMAZING for help in connecting with these Enlightened Beings, so I would highly recommend snagging a copy before they are gone (you can snag that here )

Ascended Masters are Gods, Goddesses, and Enlightened Individuals that help us, in conjunction with The Universe and the Angels and Dragons, to be the best that we can be and to step into our true power and potential. Now, my view of Gods and Goddesses is this: The Divine is pure light. That’s all it is, Light and Love. That light shines through a Diamond that has many different faces and what we perceive to be separate deities are actually all coming from the same light, we just see different faces of that Diamond. I also feel that it helps us to be able to connect easier with the Ascended Master’s because the idea of a deity is easier to comprehend sometimes that speaking directly to “Light”. So when I ask Ganesha for help, I am truly asking a personification of the The Divine to help me. Now, that being said, I believe that each personification requires the utmost respect and devotion, because they are still to be revered. Like the previous sections, I am going to outline 4 Ascended Masters that I love to work with:

Ganesha: Hindu God of Prosperity and Lifter of Obstacles

Kuan Yin: Buddhist Goddess of Divine Compassion and Love

Isis: Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Personal Power, and Manifestation

Mother Mary: Mother of Jesus,  Master of Divine Love and Peace, Forgiveness, and Motherhood.

*Invocation of Ascended Master* I humbly ask that (Name) comes into my presence now. I humbly open my life and heart to your love and assistance. Help me to know and feel that you are with me and please show me the most high vibrational way in dealing with (issue). I thank you for your assistance and So It Is.

Note* Doreen’s book includes specific invocations for all the Ascended Masters that she talks about.

I have had wondrous success working with these beings, and I know that you will too! 

I truly hope that these beings offer you the love, happiness, and support that you need in your life right now.

If you would like to know which Ascended Master to work with, you can find out here!

The purpose of this post is for you to know that you are never alone on your path. Don’t be afraid and Don’t Lose Hope. You have a whole team of beings dedicated to helping you succeed and to loving you! 

If you want to find out more about which beings are around you and assisting you in your life, you can book your Lightworker Team Reading Here! This reading is one that I am the most proud of because of how it has helped people rise up into their power!

Here is the video for this post! 

I hope this post served you!

Love and Light,


Demons, The Devil, and Your Personal Power

Hello, Warriors of Light!,

That sounds really good, doesn’t it? It is really empowering and yet forceful at the same time. It lets people know that you are not to be fucked with, but that you will be peaceful if you are. It is a title that gives the lower energies the heebie-jeebies because they know you are acting fully in your power as a being of Divine light and Divine love. 

But what are these lower energies? 

I know that we all like to stay ‘in the light’ as much as possible, and this post isn’t to scare you or take you from that light that you hold dear, but some things need to be talked about because we will encounter these things and when we do it is important to know how to deal with them!

I am going to be sharing some crazy stories of things that I have encountered and how I dealt with them to empower you to be in your light if these things happen to you.

This post will have 2 parts: Part 1 is about lower energy and the names that it has. Part 2 is the Spiritual Training Tools to move into your power fully and techniques to make sure you and your home are cleared.

*keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and you don’t have to like everything I say, just be respectful*


Part 1

This is a topic that makes many of us (myself included) uneasy but I felt the need to bring this up. When we bring hidden and scary stuff to the surface it no longer has power over us so that is what we are here to do. Lower energy has a few names, The Devil, Demons, Earthbound Spirits, Donald Trump….they are all names for lower energy. But let's really look at these things in more detail. The idea for this post came from a coworker and I really having a deep discussion about our Spiritual Paths one night, she is Christian and I…am not. She is absolutely amazing and was really receptive to what I had to say, but this made me think about how many people who follow a different path get asked the questions about Devil worship, demons, and all that shit. So if that is you, this post is here to serve you.

The start with the easy one:

The Devil: I don’t believe in one supreme ruler of evil in the world. I believe the Devil was made up to scare people into doing good and to be scapegoat for when people fucked up. Humans have an ego that is tied to negative emotion and to lower vibrational thoughts and actions. I also feel that there is a significant reason why the Devil card in Tarot represents ego and addiction. The devil is often thought of as a being who cares only about his carnal pleasure and has no regard for others, so this is where we begin so see people blaming the Devil for their adultery, murder, etc. instead of owning up to it for themselves.We are responsible for what we do, and that is my thoughts on that.

Demons: So here is my first crazy story. When was living with my first roommate in her house, I would always get really uneasy at night walking up the stairs, as I ‘saw’ this little winged creature with red eyes follow me up the stairs It actually got to the point that I would run up the stairs and close my door scared to death. At first, I chalked it up to watching one too many scary movies, then something happened. I was reading a book by Doreen Virtue and she described demons as personifications of mans fear. She described to a ’T’ what I saw, down to the red eyes and wings. I was floored. At this point in my life, I was vehemently against anything related to the church and I still had this fear of going to hell and that my new path was wrong. This fear was so intense that it actually manifested into the form of what I saw to be a demon. This was so empowering to me, because if I create something, I can destroy it. Next, what about energies who were once people…

Earthbound Spirits: Being a medium, I have seen quite a few spirits, however they were all perfectly at peace. What about the ones that aren’t at peace though? These are called Earthbound Spirits and are people who have passed on and haven’t gone to the light. This could be because they died traumatically, or because they didn’t get to say good-bye. From encounters I have heard about, they are relatively harmless but can be scary and hard to deal with. 

Donald Trump: Impeach him….haha

Now you may come across people who have a ton of negative energy around them, maybe not legions of demons, but they make you uneasy. These people could be very pessimistic, grumpy, unhappy, people or they could be carrying around emotional baggage from traumas in their lives or lives or loved ones. When you come into contact with these people, be wary of your energy being zapped because, without even meaning to, they will start to draw from your positive energy. This could make them feel better, and leave you in an energetic funk. In part 2 we will talk about how to keep that from happening :)

So that was part 1 where we see how our fears can manifest. Now let’s talk about your Spiritual Tool Belt for dealing with these energies.

Tool 1: This is the best tool of all, Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael is the angel that you see with rippling muscles, a sword of light, and a halo of rich purple. This angel is a warrior in his own right and that is his purpose. He protects us from, shields us from, and eliminates all lower and negative energy. If you even feel scared or worried, ask Michael to come help you and he 100% will! He can be everywhere at once so you never bother him by calling on him. My second story I wanted to tell you is that when I was bed one night, I felt this presence watching me, it was unsettling and really dense and scary. I was actually frightened and didn’t want to get out of my bed, but my Archangel Michael spray was literally right past where I felt the presence. So, after turning every light I could on, I dashed for my spray and did a space clearing in the middle of the night with Archangel Michael, and after that, everything was fine.

Tool 2: White Light. This takes 3 seconds and all you do is visualize white light from heaven all around you, covering you. Inside your body, and all around you. This keeps negative energy from coming around you.

Tool 3: Mirror Ball. I learned this from James Van Praagh. Picture a ball of light around you with mirrors facing out, like a disco ball. The darkness will see their reflection and run away!

Tool 4: Sage and Space Clearing. Clearing your home and personal space is really important in making sure everything stays the way it needs to and you don’t gain any unwanted visitors. I use colored candles for each element and sage spray personally and I love it!

Tool 5: Intention. Set your intention to channel the light in all that you do. In all you say, think, do, and feel. This gives you little wiggle room to fall into negative energy. Now, when you do, just say “I choose again” and you will be on the right path again.

Tool 6: Knowledge. Know who you are. You are a bad-ass, warrior of divine love and light, you are literally stardust, you are part of the very force that created you. Self doubt and self sabotage are really negative and when they are left unchecked they can really bring your energy down. Knowing who you are, and constantly reminding yourself of it, is a sure-fire way to grow in your power and confidence!

Once again, this was just a brief post about empowering you, and encouraging you to live in your power! You are literally so powerful that your thoughts can manifest, make sure they are what you want!

Until next time,


Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Hello Starlights!,

The time has come. Mercury Retrograde is on our doorstep. Cue the mass hysteria, crying, fear, and being afraid to leave the house. This has always been a time that strikes a cord of fear among people who don’t understand what this time is all about (and sometimes even in those who do understand it). 

Think of this as a time to really just slow down and relax. I have always had a really interesting relationship with Mercury Retrograde (I’ll refer to it as MX). I have decided to let you guys in on my secrets to surviving it or at least making the best out of it. Ha!

  1. I never sign major documents during MX. This is something that is known but I wanted to share this in case you haven’t heard it before. The reason for this is because MX can cause slight communication errors and signing major things like a lease or a car loan may seem fine, but you will probably realize you could have received a better offer later or find that you misread or misunderstood a term of the document. So play it safe here. That being said, this is a great time to REEVALUATE your current lease or loan or whatever. I had a decent experience renewing my lease during Mercury Retrograde last year, but I took my time and asked my Angels to bless the process. So if it MUST be done, please bring your Angels into the mix and make sure you listen to the guidance that you get from them.
  2. I always try to slow down my thought process (which is a bitch because ADD has me going a million miles a minute) and make sure I speak and talk only AFTER I have thought about what I am saying. Misunderstanding a running amuck during this time, so make sure you are really working with your throat chakra (Vishuddha) and keeping it balanced. You can do this by carrying LAPIS LAZULI in your pocket, or just by visualizing white light cleansing your throat chakra. It’s honestly as easy as just having the intention of clearing it and it’s cleared. This chakra center is where your communication in all forms come from, so making sure it’s balanced is necessary in aiding in meaningful and clear communication.
  3. BE PATIENT WITH TECHNOLOGY! MX can fuck up everything when it comes to electronics so make sure you give yourself extra time. As I’m writing this, my iPhone is acting stupid. So make sure you back up your phone if you have a smart device, back up your tablets, computers, everything. Better to be safe that sorry if Mercury decides to pay you a visit.
  4. Crystals. Crystals. Crystals. Smoky Quartz is my BEST FRIEND during MX because it is a work-horse crystal. This crystal absorbs negative energy from situations and even from your own aura! This is something I love during MX and carry A LOT of. If you don’t have Smoky Quartz, you can still work with the energy of it by just looking at a picture of it and asking the energy of the crystal to be with you! You will still notice the same effects, I promise! I carry a variety of crystals along with me and it’s really up to what you carry and what the intention you have while carrying the crystals are. We talked about Lapis Lazuli earlier, so that’s always helpful to carry! *Quick Note: Crystals themselves don’t do anything. The purpose of carrying a crystal or crystals is for them to amplify the intention that you have set :)
  5. Space/Energy Clearing. This. Is. So. Important. When your energy in your home is cleared, and your personal energy is cleared, the energy flows easier around you and it can actually help other people who don’t even know that their energy needs clearing. You can do this with sage, paolo Santo wood, with your angels, or just with your intention. Just know that this is one of the most important things you can do during this crazy time.
  6. Oracle Cards. I carry a physical Oracle Deck with me wherever I go during MX. Why? Because if I want or need encouragement, I have a tool that I can draw from that will give me that. Last MX, I used the Keepers of The Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray and will probably use those again! 
  7. Pray/Meditate. Just ask for help. Stay aligned with your truth and keep yourself in tune with the Universe/Source/Guides and know that they have your back!
  8. Self Care. Take a bubble bath. Have a glass of wine. Read a book. Play with your pet. Don’t do anything that doesn’t make you light up. Take a walk in nature if you can. Self Care is a big key in navigating MX. When you take care of yourself, you open up more to intuitive guidance and that is crucial to MX.
  9. Set Your Intention. Your thoughts create your reality. That is a fact. If you go into this scared and worried, your experience will bring situations that scare and worry you. MX is a higher powered time of self-fulfilling prophecies. So make sure you go into this with this intention to learn and grow.

All in All, Mercury Retrograde isn’t some cosmic conspiracy to fuck your whole life up for a month. Consider it a gift from the Universe, giving you the tools and time that you need to really take care for yourself and reevaluate what you need to fix and let go of. If you want to check in with a reading to find out what this MX Theme is for you, you can do so by visiting the ‘Readings’ portion of this site in the top right, or you can just click here

May the odds be ever in your favor,



Being Indigo and an Archangel Message!

Hello lovely people,

I know that it’s been a while since I have been on here and written a post and I do apologize for that. Things have been a tiny bit crazy for me and I haven’t made time to sit down and write like I want to. 

So since my last post, I discovered that I, like probably quite a few of you, am an Indigo Child. Now, I know that some people think it’s fashionable to call themselves ‘crystal children’, ‘indigo children’, ‘empathic’ and all of that jazz just for attention and I assure you that is not the case here. In fact it’s the exact opposite. I resisted even thinking about being an Indigo Child, not saying it’s bad but I just didn’t want to have something else to work on to add to me growing list of things. 

I guess Spirit/The Universe/whatever had other plans for me though. I was guided to an article about Indigo Children and said “what the hell let me read this and just see what it’s about”. I was amazed at how I resonated with it! Indigos are super strong willed and we prefer to do things our on way instead of the way our parents and authority would like us to (CHECK! haha). Indigo people also diagnosed with ADD or ADHD which ‘checks’ another box for me. Our brains move faster and can process information faster so we tend to space the hell out when people are talking to us. These are just a few characteristics of Indigo children/people, however, there are tons more! But this leads us to the ‘let’s sit and chat for a spell’ part of the post. 

Indigo Card Talk

Using my ‘Indigo Angels Oracle Cards’, I asked what I was supposed to talk about today as I was shuffling and got the ‘Time to Create’ card.

We have 2 meanings for this and I want to go through both of them with you.

Meaning 1: You have been putting off something that you are called to do. Just because the card features an artist doesn’t mean you have to go paint a mural. What has your soul been calling you to do? What is that yearning you have in your heart? It’s time. Now. This is your sign if you have been looking for it. You don’t need to know the why or the how behind what you are called to do, let The Universe handle that. Just say “I am ready” and that will set the wheels in motion for you to get the guidance, support, and power you need to do whatever it is you need to. Just remain open to ANY guidance that you get even if it is to go to Target at 9:30 at night haha, you never ever know what may happen and who you might meet or what may happen!

Meaning 2: If you are an Indigo, you have pent up feelings and aggression, which is normal but you need to channel them into something creative. Buy a coloring book, paint a picture, write, dance, sing, anything. We as Indigos have such a hard time focusing on one specific task a seeing it through ( I call it ‘Shiny Syndrome’) because we are always onto the next task before one is completely finished. Archangel Metatron is the ‘keeper’, if you will, of us Indigo people and can also help us in any aspect of our lives to stay true to ourselves and to our spiritual gifts. This leads me to the next part of this post.

Spiritual Gifts and Being Indigo

If you are like me, you grew up in the Bible Belt and anything supernatural was of the Devil. Now I want to preface with the fact that I only had one Supernatural experience that I remember during childhood, there wasn’t a moment of being told “you can’t use this gift because you will go to hell” nor was there any suppressing of any Psychic ability. However, if you went through that, I am terribly sorry. I had a slightly different experience where anything supernatural (other that a guy healing people and rising from the dead to save you from going to a place that doesn’t exist so that an organization can get your money) was discouraged from the get-go. I remember always being intrigued by the world of the supernatural though, from Greek Mythology to my first tv Psychic Sylvia Browne (RIP) I was hooked. I felt a kindredness with the otherworldly things even among warnings that it was wrong. The reason I bring this up is that it has caused me some issues now that I am an adult in fully submersing myself into anything Spiritual until about a year ago maybe. Since we are Indigos, if our gifts aren’t nurtured or accepted, we can shut them down easily, and this isn’t what we need to do, especially now when are so needed in this world to be the bright lights that we are. If you find yourself in this position, all you have to do is ask Archangel Metatron to help you slowly open yourself up to your gifts. That’s it. He will help you without hesitation. 

Metatron Message

When I asked Metatron for a message he said this: “I am always here. It takes only a whisper and you will feel my presence. Beloved Indigo, I have been blessed with the ability to watch over you and help you down your life’s journey. I will never leave any of you, but will never be able to intervene without you inviting me to. I respect you, brave one, for choosing to come into this world bearing gifts that others dream of to heal, uplift, and change the energy of everyone you meet and of the planet on which you live. You are special, and you are who the world needs. For we need those that see no color or division, to rise up and remain in their gifts to help raise others up to bring unity to all you see. You are loved.”

I hope you have found this useful, please let me know in the comments!


Deck Pressure

**DISCLAIMER: The decks listed in this post are amazing decks, I just didn’t resonate with them, so don't start a witchhunt**

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a tarot-holic.

*In Unison* “Hi Andrew”

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I LOVE Tarot and Oracle Decks, and I have quite a few (80 last time I counted) of them. Something struck me tonight, that has actually struck me before but I figured people wouldn’t really want to read about it…so if you don’t…then #byefelicia. 

What I want to talk about is Deck Pressure. This isn’t something where people literally force you to buy a deck. No, this is where you see a deck so often on social media that you just HAVE to have it, not because you resonate with it, but because you see the people you love and look up to have gotten it, and you want to have it as well. You may or may not connect with it, but you hope that connection comes.

This has become more and more apparent to me as I have been cleaning out my decks that I just don’t resonate with at all. 

I think back on a particular deck that I bought, The Starchild Tarot. I didn’t connect to the imagery that much, at all. Not that it wasn’t beautiful, because oh my god it’s GORGEOUS, but I just didn’t connect with it at all…my intuition hit roadblocks every time I took the deck out. I got it because I saw that everyone else had it and I wanted it as well. So I spent $80 on a deck I hardly ever used and later sold. 

I am kind of going through this right now with the “Animal Spirit Oracle”. I saw that people were raving about it and I decided to get it because I guess I wanted to be like the ‘cool kids’….and I honestly don’t resonate with it….at all. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t set my spirit on fire or give me goosebumps. The deck is stunning, a masterpiece even. Visually, there is little that can compare. But I didn’t connect to it and bought it anyway. 

See what I mean here? I know I’m not the only one that this has happened to or happens to.

I am feeling a call to calm the fuck down on buying decks that I don’t resonate with immediately. I mean, so what if I don’t have a deck that someone else has? If I don’t connect with it, what damn good is it to have? It collects dust on my shelf and never gets used and I wasted my money.

Now, there is NOTHING wrong with having tons of decks. I am sure I am going to get to 100 before years end haha, hopefully, more will clear out, but who knows? Each deck is different in the way that it communicates with us and in the way our intuition interprets the imagery. That’s the beauty of Tarot and Oracle cards! But know that I have seldom had it happen that I bought I deck I didn’t connect with, and it grew on me to the point I LOVED it. 

I know this post isn’t that interesting, but to those of you who are collectors, you don’t have to catch ‘em all. Buy what jives with YOU! If something catches your eye, look up reviews on it! Research it! 

But don’t buy a deck because you feel like you have to because everyone else has it. 

Tarot is such an individual journey, don’t let your ego trick you into thinking you have to “keep up with the jones’”. This can lead to debt, anxiety, and greed. We don't want that energy around us.

It doesn't matter if you have 1 deck or 100 decks, it has no impact on how talented you are as a reader and/or healer. 

This also goes for your favorite deck creators! Don't feel pressured into buying a deck just because your favorite author/artist made it. I learned this is hard way, haha. You aren't obligated by any means to buy a deck even if you have every deck this person has made. There are some Alana Fairchild and Stacey Demarco decks that don't resonate with me for one reason or another. Does that mean I don't love their work? NOT AT ALL! I love their work, but there is no rule that says I have to resonate with the theme of the deck or whatever else may not jive with me about it.

The same goes for you! 

I hope this helped!

Angel Blessings,


Weekly Reading for August 22nd-28th, 2016

Hello, everyone! 

We have another blog post for a weekly reading, as my schedule is just insane as of late. So I apologize that you don't get to see my lovely face (hahaha). But this is going to be a helluva week!

We start off with the 'Ace of Swords'! So we are going to have breakthroughs in ideas or thought patterns. This is going to involve cutting away things keep you from thinking clearly and making decisions from the logic part of your brain and spirit. For those of you that are Water signs and Fire Signs, you instinctively go with your emotion (Waters signs) and your Passions (Fire Sign). Earth and Air signs are more practical so I don't see having TOO hard of a time with these types of logical decisions. This is going to be a big change for some people, but welcome it! I am drawn to what Wayne Dyer said "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"....don't be afraid to look at things differently just because you have seen them a certain way for a long time!

This is going to lead to a MAJOR role change as we see the 'King of Wands' standing tall and firm in his passions and beliefs. This week carries an energy of the realization of the power and authority that YOU have as an extension of the very energy that created you! You are powerful, so stop living as though your circumstances are outside of your control. We bring everything to us through what we think and say, so change what you think and say. Change how you see situations and watch them change before your eyes!

This week is going to be INTENSE, so at the end of the week, we are called to meditate and rest. Get to know yourself on an even deeper level and unlock that knowledge that comes from truly knowing who you are!

Step Up, Stay Grounded, and Get to Work!

Hey guys. It’s no secret that in the recent months tragedy after tragedy has occurred, leaving us feeling scared, vulnerable, and uneasy. Some of us feel these things more than others, and that is okay. Some of us try to block it out and ignore it, and that isn’t okay. As lightworkers, we are going to be confronted with negative situations and we have to know how to handle them, or we won’t be very effective in our healing work. 

    Our job description is to help the world and be able to spread light and love to heal all that is wrong. We can’t do this by blocking out negativity. Think of a wave of water coming at you, if you anchor yourself into the sand, you have a better chance of staying on your feet when you are anchored.

    That is what grounding does for us! By grounding, we remain unmovable in our beliefs and in the light that we are here to spread.

So how can you remain grounded? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Unplug from the media and technology. It is so easy to get engrossed in your computer, phone, tablet, tv, and whatever else you have. While these things aren’t bad at all (I work at Verizon so they literally help me pay bills) but they are tools that can bring us down and keep us in a  cycle of fear energy that we don’t need.
  2. Take a walk in nature. So this may seem obvious but it can really help to connect with nature and just relax. However, if it is too hot to go outside, then listen to nature music, spend time with your pet, get a plant, something to bring nature to you.
  3. Ask for help! Know that your Angels are ALWAYS around you and WANT to help you! Sometimes we get lost in all of the hurt and confusion of the world and we wonder where our help is. The answer is all around us. I am so guilty of this. I sit back and wonder, why is this happening? And then I realize that I have a small part in helping this, just like you do. We can ask our Angels to help us get, and stay, grounded and they WILL reply. 
  4. Meditate. This is a hard one for a lot of people, myself included, to do consistently because life does get in the way and we lose our priorities along the way. This isn’t a beat up, but we all do it. Meditation is wonderful for connecting us to Source/God/The Universe and our Angels to receive messages that can help the world grow and help us grow stronger.
  5. This is one of my favorites to do. You can actually do this as you are sitting down at work, home, or school. Visualize roots coming out of your feet and stretching into the Earth. Take deep breaths in and out and do this for as long as you can, need, or want to.
  6. I asked the Angels for a message and they said this: “Be Present”. This is remarkable because how often to we worry or think about the future? Way too often. We are hardly ever just present in the moment and we aren’t THANKFUL and GRATEFUL in that space. It’s cliche but true when they say “The Present is a gift”. This is SUPER important to remember because when we take it moment by moment and stop worrying about things that are out of our control, that helps us remain grounded and centered in our bodies and spirits.
  7. Sending Light to the world. When you do see those horrible news stories, send light to that location and to the people involved. Then CUT YOUR CORDS TO IT! Don’t let it remain a part of your energy field and aura.
  8. Carrying on from the previous, cut your cords to any place and any person that causes you unrest and don’t be sorry about it. We as lightworkers and sensitive people often feel like we have to be the ‘listening ear’ to ever damn thing in the world and that IS NOT true! If you feel like you are being drained energetically, just walk away. It isn’t rude to put your energetic and spiritual needs FIRST! In fact, you NEED to. You’ve got this! Ask Archangels Michael and Metatron to help you with this, and then ACT on what you think, feel, hear, and see as guidance comes to you.

I really hope that this has helped you. My prayers are with all of us and the world. You’ve got this! 

Angel Blessings,



Acceptance and Healing!

Hello Everyone,


This is the first blog post I have written in a while, due to my crazy busy schedule and just being generally exhausted haha. But I was told to draw a card and write about it. So here it goes:

This world needs love, tolerance, and acceptance. We have suffered a huge loss this week and we can’t let this happen again. But how can we change things? What can little folks like us do to make a difference? 

The card I drew is “Acceptance” from the Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards. We have GOT to start looking at others through they eyes of Angels. There is good AND evil, positive AND negative, inside all of us! We can’t escape that. 

So what if people have different political views? Yes, it may be infuriating, but what if we focused on sending them positive energy instead of tearing them down, even if that’s what they do to others? Why are people so upset at one person loving another person? Does gender really matter? NO! The Bible says to pray for those who persecute you and, while the Bible and I have decided to see other people, that rings true on an energetic level as well! 

When we are operating in a high vibration, we are able to see things WAY more clear. Keeping our vibrations high can be as simple as just thanking the Universe/God/Source/Whatever for what you have and showing gratitude. It could be smiling at a stranger that helps them have the courage to be nice to others and start a ripple effect. 

People need us. If you are lightworker, GET TO WORK!  We are here to spread love, peace, and tolerance. Get involved in causes close to your hearts. Become an advocate for what you believe in. Take a stand to let others know that they are NOT alone! 

Show unconditional love to others! 

That being said; unconditional love is NOT being treated like a doormat and letting people walk all over you. Also, loving yourself is just as important. You have to send love to yourself before you can send love to other people!  Own how fucking amazing you are and send that energy out to others! They will begin to feel that way as well! 

Go forth. Love Yourself. Love Others. Change the world!

Weekly Reading for June 6th-12th!

Hello Lovelies!

I was running ragged this week and didn't have time to record a video for your weekly reading, so here it is! I have used the Wild Unknown Tarot!

Alright! For the beginning of the week, we have "Judgement"! There will be a sense of newness as this week begins (and it's no coincidence that it's the New Moon) that will really call you home to your authentic self. Old skin will be shed and left behind and you will be a new you! You have to initiate the letting go of the old skin though, for you to truly see the results that you want to see. There is also an element of being called home to your Higher Self. Maybe you haven't been as "in tune" as you would like? Let that be changed this week!

The middle of the week brings us the "8 of Swords". Alright guys, that victim mentality, lose that. You are not trapped. You are a divine being of love and light whose soul is as unlimited and vast as the universe itself, act like it! You have the power to break any chains that may have you feeling trapped. What are these chains? Lower energy mindsets? Negativity from others that you absorb? Pessimistic thinking about your situations and circumstances? Whatever it is, get rid of it. It is holding you back from you life purpose!

For the end of the week, we have "The Moon". Ah, the moon. This lovely card is a continuation of the "8 of Swords" in the fact that we are asked to look at our fears and anxieties. Where do these come from? Why do we have them? How do they effect our lives? Analyze these fears and release them! They only hold you back! 

Before we get to the bonus card, the 3 cards that we have are very intertwined. We have 2 major arcana cards framing the "8 of Swords" . So this is saying that big things are going to go down this week. Life altering changes are going to be made, but you have to initiate it. You can't just sit on your butt and wait for this change to happen. Alright? Alright. On to the bonus card!

Bonus Bonus Bonus: The Fool!

DAYYUM! New adventures are on the horizons! A leap of faith that is just that, a LEAP! You aren't going to want to do this, but you you need to be the bird on a branch and take that jump and trust you will fly! If you sit on the branch your whole life, you will never know just how strong your wings are, also your wings will grow weaker as they aren't used. So, what are you waiting for? Don't let what others think or what they MIGHT think keep you from doing what your soul is telling you to do!

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